A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is any person who managed to pass one of the Microsoft exams for MCSE (Microsoft Certified Support Engineer). There is only one exception, passing for the Networking Essentials exam won't get you MCP certified. On the other question pages you will find the most taken (and asked) exams divided into Core and Electives.

Of course there are many other Microsoft exams, but I do not have any test sets available for them. If you have passed your Windows 95 or Windows 98 exam and you have made test sets in TestMaster for them, please e-mail them to me and I will place them as soon as possible.

Database download section

Leuthard complete , several questions (TM v1.03 / ZIP file) from Thomas Leuthard

This file contains test sets covering the A+ and Network+ CompTIA exams and MCSE exams like Networking Essentials, Windows 4.0 NT Server (2 sets), Enterprise (2 sets), TCP/IP (4 sets) but ALSO:
SQL 7.0 Server Administering (4 sets), SQL 7.0 Server Implementing and Proxy Server 2.0