Some questions seem to get back every other day. If you are experiencing any problems downloading, unzipping or using the downloaded test sets. Place take some extra time to read the guidelines below.
(Q = Question / A = Answer).

Q1: How can I become a member of this site?
Q2: I can not download the tests that are available, what is wrong?
Q3: Why does TestMaster does not recognise the downloaded ZIP file?
Q4: How can I open the *.tmq files? My browser is not able to open the files
Q5: If I try to use a question set there is no question appearing and the screen displays something like "Question 25 of 1287881" and the program locks. What is wrong?

A1: The secured area is only available for (former) students and fellow teachers.

A2: This site was made to use for our students at first and programmed to use Internet Explorer 3.x or higher. If you are using Netscape downloading will fail because the filenames include spaces. If you like to use the files you should change your browser. There will be no time in the near future to alter this site to support Netscape, Opera or Mosaic.

A3: The files that are available are compressed with WinZip. You have to unzip the downloaded file(s) first and then copy the extracted files to the \TESTS directory, usualy \Program Files\TestMasters\Tests.

A4: The *.tmq files can only be opened with TestMaster. Use the link at the homepage to download TestMaster v1.03. (Also have a look at the next answer!)

A5: You should use the proper version of the TestMaster program to open the individual files you have asked for. If you take a closer look at the information provided you will see that each line is made up as showed below:

##-### Downloadable file, ## questions (TM v#.##) from ...... braindump

The first 5 characters represent the exam number, the number of questions is next, followed by the version of TestMaster you should use. In most cases you should download TestMaster version v3.01 or higher. You can download the latest version of TestMaster at the site of the maker of TestMaster, Bob Beveridge: . After installing TestMaster you should copy all downloaded *.tmq file into the \TESTS map. You should now be able to use the files.